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We welcome opportunities to work with others to develop new products in our area of expertise.

We welcome inquiries from:

  • Investors
  • Venture capital
  • Manufacturers interested in license
  • Catalog distribution companies
  • Manufacturing representative companies
  • Companies or individuals interested in the development of new products within our area of expertise.

ProFlo Inc. has other new and dynamic sister products that are close to market ready and will be introduced in the near future.

  • ProDrainTM, commercial floor drain system that eliminates entrapment, is fail safe, dramatically improves water quality, and improves floor surface cleaning all in one simple device. (patent pending)
  • SkimProTM. a unique commercial surface skimmer system that has unlimited debris holding capacities. These skimmers are precisely adjustable to the surface water level which will maximize surface cleaning performance and create a natural back current that accelerates water surface cleaning currents. (patent pending)
  • ProHeaterTM, a commercial stainless steel heat exchanger. (patent pending)
  • ProSoloCoverTM, a totally unique automatic water surface covering system.
  • ProMaxPacTM, a complete prepackage cleaning, filter, chemical for fountains, water features, and water playgrounds.
  • ProH20TM, a non-chemical, water sanitizing and maintenance system.

ProFlo Inc. is a dynamic company with an expert knowledge base. We have accumulated over 38 years across the industrial, aesthetic (fountains/ponds) and recreational water industry. We have developed a line of new products to serve these industries. ProFlo products are so superior in functionality, they are in a class of their own. ProFlo has accomplished this with finite engineering and a very skilled, diverse staff that focuses entirely on new product development.

ProStrainerTM is just one such example of our ability to develop a dynamic product from the “napkin” to reality in less than 90 days. This included a commercially installed prototype and a complete four page full color brochure, complete with concise engineering and performance documentation. ProFlo incorporates leading edge computer software in each of the necessary product development disciplines. We then instantly manufacture parts produced by high speed, high tolerance computer driven machinery and develop an automated assembly process. After only a few prototypes, we are capable of manufacturing lowest price or competitively priced products for distribution and sales.

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