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ProStrainer™ PSV

The standard ProStrainer is uniquely designed with the end user in mind.  From it's low profile, to it's quick release lids, to the multiple baskets, ProStrainers have redefined the strainer industry. Not only do they reduce energy by putting less stress on a pump by utilizing Horizontal Laminar Flow, they also offer the most holding capacity by volume then any other strainer on the market.  ProFlo has literally reinvented the strainer and made it an easy choice for customers who want a reliable product that saves them money.

PS-StandardModel PS0606DL2S


Standard Features:

  • All stainless steel components
  • Smallest industry footprint
  • Light weight
  • Lowest profile for easiest strainer retrofitting
  • Open area ratios beat competitors by 400 %
  • Open area rations as high as 93 to 1
  • Clog free by-pass design
  • Automatically balanced uniform directional flow
  • Easy out baskets
  • Low profile adjustable alignment mounting system for perfect face piping match up
  • Promotes highest industry NPSH for improved pump performance
  • Basket access in less than 5 seconds
  • Multiple flow paths reduce chances for major flow blockage by large debris
  • Improves pump performance and saves on operating and maintenance costs
  • Low profile with adjustable pump alignment
  • Adjustable draw latch lid clamping system
  • See-through lid provides easy inspection
  • Gasket material in neoprene, EPDM or Viton
  • 1/4 " strainer screen openings

Optional Features:

  • Stainless Mounting Kit - No more need to waste time and money pouring concrete pads. ProStrainer is now the only strainer that offers adjustable legs which allow the contractor to set the ProStrainer at the precise hight for perfect alignment with the pump and piping.
  • High Capacity Baskets - ProFlo now offers High capacity baskets design that allows for even more open area thus increasing holding capacity, further reducing maintenance and lowering operating costs.
  • Metal Fire rated lids - The metal lids can replace the polycarbonate lids in situations where it is not necessary to see in or on high rise applications were they require metal lids.
  • NSF Lids - ProFlo's NSF lids are for applications that require NSF approval and are rated up to 50 PSI.

Custom ProStrainers:

  • EFS Models offer a 15 inch influent and 6 inch effluent nipple on our standard ProStrainers. The influent nipple has a 3/4" (1inch or 1.25 inch half coupling ) gauge port for easy installation of a flow switch. The effluent nipple has two 1/2" ports at 10 and 2 oclock for a vacuum breaker and any other sensor you would like for monitoring. The extra long influent nipple with port helps save money by eliminating the need for a stainless spool piece. 
  • Guzzler Models allow for longer cycle runs and greater holding capacity by utilizing a larger body size with smaller flanges.
  • BU or Bolt Up series allows for easy retrofitting by eliminating the nipples all together. These shorter units also assist with retrofitting in a confined space. They have the shortest distance from face of flange to face of flange.
  • Dual Port Model offers two effluent ports for connecting to multiple pumps with out building pipe manifolds. These units use a common body of water. they can eliminate buy a second strainer in many applications.
  • PC or Pump Connect models have the ability to directly connect the strainer to the pump suction flange. The extremely low profile of these units can improve the overall NPSH available which ultimately improves pump performance.


  • Strainer Body: Shall be constructed entirely of stainless steel 304L not less than 1/8” in thickness. The unit shall be equipped with a ___” influent connection and a ___” effluent connection. The open area ratio of the influent pipe cross sectional area compared to the area of the opening in the baskets shall not be less than _____ to 1.
  • Fabrication / Welding: The welding process shall be T.I.G. All parts shall be fitted and welded in accordance with approved standard practices defined by the American Welding Society regulations regarding the TIG welding of stainless steel. The assembly shall be sealed and purged with argon or other gas as approved by the AWS. Filler rod shall be 308 stainless steel or better.
  • Face Piping: The influent and effluent nipples and flanges will be 304L stainless steel. The flanges shall be not less than .250” in thickness with the bolt hole pattern to match ANSI standards in size, dimension, amount and location. The nipple portion shall be rolled to the standard ANSI pipe diameter and seam welded. The nipple shall be inserted 1/8” of a inch into the flange and a continuous sealing weld shall be applied to connect the two together.
  • Lid:  The lid shall be a minimum of 1/2” thick transparent polycarbonate or 1" thick acrylic sheet.
  • Lid Bezel: The lid bezel shall be fabricated from one piece of 11 gauge stainless steel type 304L.
  • Gasket: The gasket material shall be premium grade EPDM, Viton or neoprene. Gasket shall be .25” high by .40” wide and its outside dimension shall conform uniformly with the dimensions of the lid receptor area.
  • Latching: Strainer shall include a lid securing system comprised of stainless steel draw latches with a maximum working pressure of 1500 PSI each and a burst pressure rating of 2100 PSI. Each latch body shall be T IG welded to the body of the ProStrainer. There shall be not less than ______ such latches to provide even and consistent realignment when the lid assembly is re-closed. Each draw latch shall be pressure adjustable and locking mechanism which are field adjustable. Each of these features shall be accomplishable without the use of tools.
  • Drain Assembly: Shall include one FPT half coupling welded to the central lowest point on the strainer body to serve as a winterizing drain and clean out plug. There shall be a threaded brass or stainless plug screwed into it which is accessed and serviced from inside the strainer body.
  • Mounting Bracket: The strainer shall have and integral mounting bracket formed into a right angle and welded to the bottom of the strainer body. This angle shall extend to the edge of the widest portion of the strainer on each side. It shall have holes predrilled in its on both its horizontal and vertical planes to accept mounting hardware.
  • Baskets: Shall be 304L perforated stainless steel mesh and frame with 1/4” perforations and not less than 79% open area per square foot. Each strainer basket shall have a retractable stainless steel handle 3/8” diameter to conserve space and improve strainer efficiency. There shall be not less than two internal baskets per strainer.
  • Service Factor: Due to superior open area ratios, superior holding capacity, typical installation stress factors, torque, pipe hammer, corrosion and erosion related to excessive fluid velocity, strainers constructed of cast iron, coated cast iron, PVC and fiberglass will not be acceptable or considered as equal. The ProStrainerTM Model number shall be PS_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as manufactured by ProFlo Inc. Littleton, CO 80127 , 303-972-9144.
  • All strainers should be installed on pump suction lines only with Non Surge Loads. Higher pressure ratings units are available.
  • Recommended flow rates are based on maximum influent velocity not to exceed 6 FPS, or local codes if less, with a clean pressure drop of .8 PSI.
  • Do not exceed pipe manufacturers' maximum recommended flow rates
  • Custom strainers and increased holding capacities are available upon request. Consult the factor applications engineering department for assistance.
  • Automatic backwash is available upon request for severe loading applications such as ponds or fountains or for remote locations where minimal service is preferred.
  • * means consult factory.
  • This document may need corrections.
  • Manufacturer reserves the right to change and improve products without prior notice.


Parts List


ProStrainer Diagram

ProStrainer size chart

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