Patented Stainless Strainers


A revolutionary invention for water safety
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Pressure Drop vs Time

Pressure Loss Curve

Pressure loss vs flow curve

Prostrainer vs potstrainer with bag


Automatic Cleaning



  1. Influent pipe has a one piece combination gasket and duckbill check valve installed in it.
  2. This model has strainer baskets without straining fabric in the bottom or floor of each basket. There is an opening in the bottom of the bulkhead plate which allows water and trapped debris to travel in either direction of flow.  Cleaning fitting has an automatic valve connected to it which opens and closes relative to motor starter on/off position. Valve control head has an adjustable on/off timer built in it to control how long it will stay open. Valve itself is a normally closed valve so it will remain closed on system loss of power or other control failures.
  3. Water flows into the influent port and pushes duckbill check valve open. It continues its flows across baskets where debris is trapped and removed.
  4. Water enters pump volute and is sent to filter, back to source or to desired discharge point such as irrigation system or storage tank.
  5. When baskets fill up to a preset vacuum setting on the electronic vacuum sensing switch the pump turns off. After a short delay the cleaning valve opens which allow the water to run through the strainer backwards pushing the debris off of the strainer baskets and out the cleaning valve.
  6. This is an adjustable timed event and after which the valve closes and the end switch in the valve signals the pump to start. If the strainer has been cleaned the vacuum setting will confirm that that is the case and allow the pump to run in normal mode.