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ProStrainer™ PSV

Custom ProStrainers


EFS Models 

EFS Models offer a 15 inch influent and 6 inch effluent nipple on our standard ProStrainers. The influent nipple has a 3/4" (1inch or 1.25 inch half coupling ) gauge port for easy installation of a flow switch. The effluent nipple has two 1/2" ports at 10 and 2 oclock for a vacuum breaker and any other sensor you would like for monitoring. The extra long influent nipple with port helps save money by eliminating the need for a stainless spool piece. 


Guzzler Models

Guzzler Models allow for longer cycle runs and greater holding capacity by utilizing a larger body size with smaller flanges.


BU or Bolt Up series

BU or Bolt Up series allows for easy retrofitting by eliminating the nipples all together. These shorter units also assist with retrofitting in a confined space. They have the shortest distance from face of flange to face of flange.


Dual Port Model

Dual Port Model offers two effluent ports for connecting to multiple pumps with out building pipe manifolds. These units use a common body of water. they can eliminate buy a second strainer in many applications.


PC or Pump Connect models

PC or Pump Connect models have the ability to directly connect the strainer to the pump suction flange. The extremely low profile of these units can improve the overall NPSH available which ultimately improves pump performance.


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